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What is Genital Aesthetic Surgery?


Genital aesthetic surgeries aim to improve the appearance of the vagina and surrounding tissues and to correct them functionally. It also has psychogenic effects, including sexual stimulation and satisfaction.

Women demand genital plastic surgery for 3 reasons;

1-I don't like the appearance of their external genitalia (this is the most common reason)

2-Preventing the activities of the external genitalia (such as sexual intercourse, wearing tight clothes )

3- Psychogenic problems, including sexuality, due to the appearance of the external genitalia

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In recent years, the demand for genital cosmetic surgery has increased considerably. The most commonly applied genital aesthetic surgery is the inner lip repair called "Labiaplasty". Apart from this, surgeries for the clitoris region, large lips and the width of the vagina are also performed. Women who request these surgeries should be evaluated with a detailed gynecological examination.

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