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What is Inner Lip Aesthetics (Labiaplasty)?


With inner lip aesthetics, it is aimed to reduce the inner lips, change their shape and make them symmetrical. It can be performed with different techniques (such as wedge resection, trimming) in accordance with your anatomical structure.


Inner lip aesthetics can be performed for functional reasons (pain during intercourse, discomfort during daily activities, tightness when wearing tight clothes) or aesthetic reasons.


The operation takes about 1 hour. There may be mild edema and pain after the procedure, but it subsides within 1-2 weeks.


If you do not have a special condition, you can spend the night of the day you have surgery at home.


Mostly, there are no scars, it heals completely.


In the first 2 weeks, during the wound healing period, it is necessary to avoid movements that will increase the tension in order to get the best result from the surgery.

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