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What is Dual Testing?


double test; It is a laboratory screening test performed on the blood sample taken from the mother at the same time as the ultrasonographic examination performed between the 11th and 14th weeks of pregnancy.

With the double screening test, an increased risk status for some genetic diseases, especially Down Syndrome, can be detected.

With the ultrasonographic examination, the nuchal thickness of the baby, the head-butt distance and the presence of the nasal bone are evaluated. Nape thickness (NT) increases in some chromosomal diseases, including Down syndrome. The absence of nasal bone is detected in approximately 70% of babies with Down Syndrome. This information is combined with some biochemical markers from a blood sample taken from the mother, and a risk percentage is given at the end.

The purpose of the dual test is to identify the population at risk.

The dual test is not a diagnostic test. Further investigations are required for a definitive diagnosis.

Stay healthy.

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