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What is vaccination by microchip method?


The first step in the treatment of infertility is the vaccination method. Vaccination; It is a painless and easy method based on the principle of depositing the motile and highly normal morphology sperm prepared in the laboratory into the uterus with the help of a thin catheter when the woman's egg is ready for fertilization. In this way, the egg is fertilized with the maximum sperm concentration and the chance of pregnancy is increased.


There are many methods of sperm preparation in the laboratory environment. One of them is the microchip method. With improved sperm chips, healthy and high quality sperms with the best DNA are distinguished from other sperms. While the chance of pregnancy is 8-10% in vaccination with standard methods, it rises above 20% in vaccination with microchip method.


Vaccination is done by microchip method in our practice.

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