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PRP application of anterior vaginal wall


PRP (platelet rich plasma); It means serum rich in coagulation cells obtained from one's own blood. In recent years, it has been used frequently in many fields, including dermatology orthopedics, around the world. PRP applications on the anterior vaginal wall can also be applied to increase sexual pleasure. It is also called O-shot application or orgasm vaccine.

The anterior wall of the vagina is structurally more sensitive than the other parts of the vagina, and this region is responsible for some of the pleasure taken during sexual intercourse after the clitoris. Apart from this, it is assumed that the "G spot", the existence of which has not been proven yet and is still considered a sexual myth, is on the anterior wall of the vagina. It is possible to increase the pleasure during sexual intercourse by applying the serum prepared with a special technique from the blood sample taken from the patient to the anterior vaginal wall and immediately under the mucous membrane. It is a painless procedure that does not require anesthesia and it is possible to return to daily activities immediately after the procedure.


In our practice, PRP is applied to the anterior wall of the vagina.

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