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Vaginal infection mostly occurs as a result of the fungi and bacteria normally found in the vagina coming to the forefront as a result of changes in the vaginal flora. Infections and antibiotic use, pregnancy, increased frequency of sexual intercourse, diabetes and diseases that cause suppression of the immune system increase this risk. The use of synthetic clothes that keep the genital area moist, wearing tight trousers, and the chlorine in the pool water after swimming in the pool in summer may increase the possibility of fungal infection, especially as a result of killing the beneficial bacteria in the vaginal flora.

Vaginal infections are often infections caused by mixed microorganisms (anaerobic, aerobic bacteria, fungi, etc.). The most common symptoms are; increase in the amount of discharge, bad smell, itching and burning sensation in the vagina.

In fungal infection, itching is more prominent and redness and swelling may occur in the external genital organs. Due to scratching, thinning, abrasions and superficial bleeding can be seen on the skin of the genital area; As a result of these, burning during urination and pain during sexual intercourse can be experienced. In bacterial infections, foul-smelling intense discharge is in the foreground.

Treatment; It can be in the form of vaginal suppositories, creams and oral pills recommended by your doctor. With the treatment applied, the complaints usually regress within 1-2 days. Culture testing and co-treatment may be required in persistent and frequently recurring infections.

Synthetic underwear and tight clothing should not be worn to prevent vaginal infections. Cotton and comfortable underwear should be preferred and changed at least once a day. Underwear should be washed with soap, not detergent, and ironed with a high steam iron. Perfumed cosmetics should not be used for cleaning the genital area, and cleaning should be done with products specially produced for this area. In order to keep the genital area dry after the pool and sea in summer, one should not sit in a wet swimsuit or bikini, and take a shower after the pool to get rid of chlorine.

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