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Vaginal flora; refers to an environment in which many microorganisms living in the vagina live in harmony. The most important element of healthy vaginal flora is Lactobacilli, namely Döderlein bacilli. Apart from lactobacilli, 30 different types of microorganisms exist in different proportions and in balance. Neisseria gonorrhea that causes gonorrhea, HSV (herpes simplex virus) that causes herpes, HPV (human papillomavirus) that causes warts and cervical cancer are not members of the vaginal flora. From the newborn period to the menopause period, the elements of the vaginal flora are found in different density and balance.

Lactobacilli play a very important role in maintaining the health of the female genital tract and preventing genitourinary infections. Lactobacilli prevent the dominance of pathogenic microorganisms in this vagina in various ways (by producing hydrogen peroxide, lowering the pH, preventing the adhesion of pathogens to the epithelium). If the number of lactobacilli decreases or if the acidic vaginal pH shifts to the basic direction, a condition called “vaginitis” occurs, that is, an infection occurs inside the vagina.


Conditions in which the number of lactobacilli decreases and the vaginal flora deteriorates;


  • Frequent sexual intercourse

  • Frequent use of antibiotics

  • Stress

  • Washing the vagina after intercourse, using vaginal douches, sprays, powders and soaps, and use of substances containing chemicals that are not suitable for vaginal pH, such as colored toilet paper.

  • Pregnancy and menopause

  • condom use

  • After menstruation (menstrual bleeding)

  • Keeping the genital area moist and wet

  • Diabetes

  • Wearing very tight and tight, airtight underwear, trousers


Complaints in case of vaginal flora deterioration;


  • Vaginal discharge,

  • vaginal odor,

  • The smell of spoiled fish

  • Green-yellow vaginal discharge

  • Intense itching in the vulva and vagina,

  • Burning pain during sexual intercourse

  • Burning on urination, frequent urge to urinate



In case of vaginal infection, it is necessary to use probiotics containing lactobacillus for the reorganization of the vaginal flora as well as to eliminate the infection and to review the vaginal hygiene measures.


Conditions to be considered in order to protect the vaginal flora;


  • Cotton underwear should be used and changed daily, never to be damp.

  • Underwear should be double rinsed and ironed.

  • If you need to use antibiotics, drugs that prevent vaginal flora disorder should be used in the presence of frequently recurring vaginal infections.

  • While cleaning the genital area, cleaning should be done from front to back.

  • In case of recurrent vaginal infection, diabetes and urinary tract infections should be investigated.

  • Probiotic use should be supported by taking lactobacillus.

  • In the use of pads and daily pads during the menstrual period, cotton ones that do not contain perfume should be preferred, and they should be changed at intervals of 2 hours.

  • For genital area cleaning, products that are suitable for the pH value of the vagina recommended by your obstetrician and do not disturb the vaginal flora should be preferred.

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